Truckers are asked to be careful after death of officer beneath truck’s wheels

December 25, 20210

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police blamed the truck driver for the accident where was killed Mia Goodwin, a CMPD officer.

Daniel Leon Morgan, 40, is charged with speeding and manslaughter leading to death. He also didn’t change lane when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle.

Police said that the trucker driving Volvo VNL 2020 didn’t turn left into the only open lane south on I-85. He also didn’t slow down and crashed into another truck, four CMPD vehicles and hit Officer Goodwin.

Clarissa Rankin was driving to work on I-85 Wednesday morning when NCDOT officers and crews finished clearing the crash site.

“All the drivers started warning each other not to take I-85 southbound,” Rankin said. “It started to bother me as a driver, I stopped and refueled when my husband told me what happened, and that’s a tragedy, a terrible tragedy.”

Rankin has been driving for over five years and was supplying everything from canned food to tires.

Rankin says she was shocked when she found out about the fatal accident. She encourages truck drivers to mind the safety measures, stay alert and stop when they need rest.

“I always use the radio to warn other truckers, keep my distance and notice every little detail. You have to remember that officers are dressed in dark clothes and don’t wear reflective vests at night,” she said.

In the end, Rankin said it’s not about earning money, but about taking the time and being careful: “Your driving style isn’t just about your safety; but about all those who travel along the road”.


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