Trucker used stolen tags to bring migrants into the country

January 26, 20220

The police detained a truck driver with fake number plate. As it turned out later, he was engaged in illegal activities.

It happened on January 21 at the Interstate 35 checkpoint in Laredo, Texas.

Trucker Robert Harlan Johnson was sent for rechecking after inspectors received an alert from one of the scanning computers, notifying officers of a possible plate theft.

During the inspection, Johnson was unable to say which company he worked for or what kind of cargo he was transporting. He said he was on his way to Houston.

The unit warned officers of the possible presence of contraband. While investigating the trailer, officers found 45 migrants inside the truck’s trailer.

In an interview after his arrest, Johnson admitted that he agreed to take the truck in Laredo and drive it to Houston for $500. He also stated that he didn`t have a CDL.


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