Trucker saved woman in Pennsylvania and became «Highway Angel»

May 21, 20220

The truck driver received the Highway Angel status after he pulled a woman out of a burning car and put out the fire.

The incident happened on a foggy morning on Interstate 70. While crossing the state of Pennsylvania, Binyam Tadele noticed that the car in front was caught on fire.

“When I drove past, the flames suddenly increased, but people didn’t come out,” the driver said.

Tadele stopped his car, grabbed an extinguisher and ran back to the smoldering car. Inside the car was a woman in uniform.

He called out to her, “Hey! Your car is on fire! Come out!”

The woman jumped out of the car and called 911 while Tadele put out the fire.

Tadele stayed with the woman until the ambulance arrived to help. As the tracker said, “a little more and there would be nothing to save.”

TCA gave him a certificate, patches, lapel pins and truck decals.

The company also received a letter confirming his Highway Angel status.

Since the launch of the program in 1997, almost 1300 professional drivers have been declared as road angels for exemplary kindness, courtesy and courage behind the wheel of a truck.


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