Tracker did not get a cent from insurance after catching killer

May 18, 20210

Truck driver used his semi to stop the alleged killer and ended up with nothing. The insurance company denied his claim to repair the truck.

Last month, police pursued 35-year-old Michael Caleb Reed, who was accused of murdering a man in California.

Truck driver Ahmed Shaaban saw what happened and decided to block the intersection to stop the criminal. As the result, Ahmed’s truck was seriously damaged.

Shaaban filed a $ 22,000 claim with his insurance company to pay for a truck repairs. However, the company refused to compensate it. According to the insurance company, Shaaban’s actions were “deliberate”, so the company “must deny all liability for the loss.”

The driver says that the wrecked truck is his only source of income. Luckily, his community has already created GoFundMe to help pay for bills until Shaaban gets his truck repaired.

“It’s racking up on me really hard and really fast,” he said. “I’m kind of stuck here.”


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