Top 5 truck stops of 2020

February 8, 20210

The founders of the popular truck driver app Trucker Path published a list of Top 5 truck stops for 2020. The application has over 500,000 active users, who regularly give feedbacks about the truck stops.

These stops are rewarded for an excellent customer service, quality of food, cleanliness, and affordable parking. Amenities are also evaluated – cashpoints, laundries, showers, WI-FI and more.

Love’s Travel Stops # 763 in Hampshire, Illinois

has received the most positive reviews. Love’s visitors point out the huge convenient parking, delicious food and friendly staff.

Love’s was the first truck stop, which added plexiglasses to stores and put a ban for wearing masks. The network continues opening new locations and implemented extra disinfection measures in 2020. Love`s is doing everything possible to offer high quality service for drivers and travelers at all stops.

Sapp Bros Travel Center

is a popular network with one of the best truck repair services. In addition, Sapp Bros provides mother-friendly parking and bidets in the ladies’ rooms.

The network’s management supports many charity organizations such as Wounded Warriors Family Support, St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund and more. It also collaborates with Truckers Against Trafficking.

Gee Cee’s Truck Stop

This place has a special old school atmosphere.

Many drivers praise this place for its good quality diesel, valuable truck repair service and a homelike restaurant that is open 24/7. There is also a loyalty program and drivers can get points for refueling.

Mach 1 # 12 in West Frankfort, Illinois

is praised by drivers for its cleanliness. In addition to the basic amenities, there is a huge parking lot, lots of shower rooms and the truck wash.

The staff is always very attentive to the visitors.

The Pilot Flying Travel Center # 1171 in Mesquite, Nevada

is beloved by many truckers heading to Utah from Nevada because of laundry rooms, a clean shower room and a huge parking lot. There is also a very attractive loyalty program and Push4Points promotion.

The Pilot Flying J app is a contactless way to reserve parking place and shower rooms. This truck stop also provides the financial and credit services.


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