Survey showed that people are afraid of self-driving trucks on the roads

May 28, 20210

Humanity is approaching the era of autonomous trucks. However, the recent research has shown that many Americans react negatively on this innovation.

Recently, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs of Harvard Kennedy School published result of the investigation about self-driving trucks.

It turned out that 53% of respondents feel insecure on the road nearby autopilot trucks. And only 11% feel more or less safe.

12% of the respondents said that it makes no difference whether there is a driver in the truck or not. And 24% didn`t know how to answer this question.

62% of respondents said that autonomous vehicles should be marked with an identification sign. Also, more than 60% believe that autonomous trucks need a separate lane on the roads.

31% of respondents said that self-driving trucks must drive at certain hours.

38 states and the District of Columbia are known to have active programs that allow autonomous trucks drive among other vehicles.

However, only 35% of drivers in the United States are aware that autonomous vehicles are allowed to be tested on public roads in some states.

34% of respondents support these programs, while 36% of truckers are opposed it.

The main arguments “against” testing self-driving trucks on the road:

• Uncertainty about the safety on the road with self-driving cars (77%)

• Who will be blamed for accidents caused by autopilot vehicles (62%)

• Lack of clarity over who will track the test vehicles (56%)

• Lack of detailed information for public on how to behave with these vehicles (51%)

• Drivers don`t know if the nearest vehicle is self-driving (50%)  


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