The states abandon important requirements in favor of truckers

September 2, 20210

Some states remove a mandatory requirement for truckers due to protests and freight delays.

The regulation was set to go into effect on September 24. It would have required truckers entering the state of South Australia to have received at least one COVID vaccine. The law has now been repealed, but it is still unclear how much of the planned protests from truckers influenced the sudden change of plans.

According to XYZ News, «Yesterday’s protests have taken a serious toll on people. There were mass arrests, mass fines, and completely unnecessary police brutality against people who were simply standing still in silence. »

@thedisrespectedtrucker3, the major leader of the proposed American trucker protest for August 31, has been banned from Tik Tok since the movement’s rise in popularity, but that did not stop some Americans from joining him in the planned protests.

In Victoria, due to a regulation requiring truck drivers to receive a negative COVID test within 72 hours, large queues have formed at the border. These obstacles have already caused labor shortages, which may have been one of the factors that influenced the decision to repeal the upcoming requirement.


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