Tennessee bill grants immunity to drivers who hit someone blocking highway

March 4, 20210

On March 3, the House Criminal Justice Committee considered a bill granting immunity to drivers who inadvertently injure someone who blocking the highway.

A bill passed by Tennessee General Assembly makes blocking a highway a felony.

The bill would upgrade the offense of obstructing a highway or street from a Class B or C misdemeanor to a Class E felony. It would also apply to obstructing a railway, waterway, hallway, “or any other place used for the passage of persons, vehicles or conveyances.”

Class E felonies are punishable by up to six years in prison. The bill would also impose a mandatory $3,000 fine on the person who blocks the traffic.

Any driver “who is exercising due care” inadvertently injures or kills someone blocking a highway would be immune from prosecution for the injury or death.


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