Strong winds are expected in the US, prompts for truckers are attached

December 15, 20210

Trucking companies froze in the waiting mode of unfavorable weather for cargo transportation.

On Wednesday forecasters expect strong winds to blow at 35-45 miles per hour with possible gusts up to 65 miles per hour, raising concerns about those traveling through the Midwest.

The Nebraska Freight Forwarders Association says some trucking companies in Nebraska have already decided to suspend operations for a day.

The Iowa Department of Transportation recommends not to drive on roads at all.

“In fact, the worst is to be expected,” said Catherine Cutler, transportation planner for the Iowa Department of Transportation. “Wreckage can fly towards. If you’re driving on a multi-lane motorway and are near a truck, the wind could blow that truck off your lane. Delivery vans or other high-end vehicles can be exposed to the same impact. So just stay sharp.”

“When you pass in a car on a typical day, your car experiences the effect of turbulence when you pass by. It’s going to be much worse and people need to slow down,” said Kent Grisham of the Nebraska  Trucking Association.

Officials are urging drivers not to throw cigarette butts out of windows or burn any other types of fire in the open air, to prevent the wind spreading flames to catastrophic proportions.



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