Speed limiter bill sparks outrage among truck drivers

May 28, 20220

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has extended the deadline for the trucking community to weigh up the proposal of using speed limiters on all trucks.

The comment period was originally supposed to end on June 3rd. Now the deadline moves to July 18.

More than 12,000 comments have already been posted about the restriction. The vast majority of them are negative.

Michael Strieter: “Speed limitations on commercial vehicles are hazardous to drivers and the motor vehicles around them. Speed limiters create difficult to pass situations along with merging slower than highway speeds”

Sandra Welch: I’ve been driving an 18-wheeler for 28 years. And I have driven speed governed trucks. And when I can’t do the posted speed in most states it causes stress all around. The cars that come up behind me on two-lane roads can’t get around safely, and when they do most are so angry that I either get flipped off or they brake check me. Where’s the safety in that?

Dave Delle: Do NOT put mandatory speed limiters on the trucks. They cause more harm than good. They will increase traffic problems with trucks not being able to pass other trucks quickly and cleanly. This will also lead to an increase in road rage incidents. 

Hollyn Faille: This is a terrible idea. A lot of companies already have speed limiters. There will be tons of congestion everywhere. Stores will experience major shortages. Trucks are not the problem.

The comment request is related to new efforts to demand rate limiting technology.

You can add your comments here.


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