Some drivers are against vaccinations at truck stops

March 9, 20210

Fleet and driver groups sent a collective letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) asking to allow truck stops to offer vaccinations to drivers. However, some truck drivers are against it.

As stated NATSO President and CEO Lisa Mullings, “distributing COVID vaccines at truck stops and travel plazas would make inoculations easier for the unique needs of truck drivers who spend hundreds of days each year away from home.”

“I don’t think they are sterile enough for that,” said driver Carla Dickey, who is 63. “When this pandemic began, we were America’s heroes. Now, when it comes time to do the shots, we got kicked to the curb like we always do.”

Dickey try to avoid truck stops and come there only to take a shower or get cleaned up. She said that earlier they paid more attention to cleanliness.

Reported that Texas has already lifted a state requirement for wearing masks. Dickey said she will still wear it in crowded places.

Owner-operator Stephen Halsted said he disagrees with administering the vaccine at truck stops because he thinks the vaccine is “experimental.”

“We don’t know enough about it,” he said. “It’s kind of like the flu shot.”

Residence problem

Many states require proof of residency to receive a vaccine.

NATSO said that first and second shots should be allowed in different locations since it was unlikely a driver would be near the site of his or her first injection.

“We cannot expect drivers – some of whom are actively transporting the vaccine – to return to their home domicile in order to receive the vaccine,” said Dan Horvath, ATA vice president of safety policy. “Removing the red tape will assist in making the vaccine available for those who choose to receive it.”


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