Senior couple moved hundreds of truckers to tears

March 26, 20210

A senior couple expressed their gratitude to the truckers by handing out a thank-you card to everyone. Over the past year, 75-year-old Beverly Perrin and her husband Dick have personally given over 1,000 postcards.

Last year Perrin heard on the news about the conditions that truck drivers were facing while doing their jobs during the pandemic, including long hours of work and denied use of restrooms.

The couple went to the nearest store, bought all the 20 postcards, signed each of them, and handed them to truckers delivering goods to nearby stores.

Perrin handing out her postcards at the truck stop in Tilbury, Ontario. There she meets the drivers and hands out a card to everyone. If there is nobody inside the cabin, Perrin puts the card into the door.

There is the same message in each postcard: “Thank you so much for bringing supplies to our stores, even though it is sometimes under harsh circumstances. Take care, stay safe, God’s blessing on you always. Love Beverley Perrin, a very grateful senior.”

Many drivers hang her postcard on the sun visors of their cabs. They are very grateful for the thank-you cards.

The family members advise the couple to stay away from truckers because they could infect them with the virus. “I see how the drivers always wear masks, and some even wear gloves when entering the store. They are safer than some of my friends,” says Perrin, who recently received her first Covid vaccine.

The woman and her husband are awaiting heart surgery but they are going to to continue their efforts until the pandemic ends.


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