«Rock you like a hurricane»: This year bad weather could impact trucking

June 15, 20210

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center said the United States is facing another active hurricane season.

The 2021 season would be very active and would surpass the 2020 record. Twelve storms would be in the continental U.S. and six of them would be hurricanes.


NOAA and other agencies around the world make hurricane season forecasts based on water temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean, especially in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

Severe storms can seriously disrupt travel. And their impact on infrastructure is often much stronger. For example, Hurricane Laura caused severe flooding in Louisiana and the roads were blocked by debris. But even after the waters receded and the roads were cleared of debris, electrical service took longer to restore. Cargo transportation was suspended as manufacturers and warehouses could not operate without electricity.

A bridge near St. Charles, Louisiana, was also damaged. In another case, a heavily loaded barge broke loose from its mooring and crashed into the bridge pilings, causing enormous damage.

During hurricane season, truck drivers are advised to pay close attention to weather reports and avoid potential landfall areas when possible.

If travel to an area recently hit by a hurricane cannot be avoided, special care should be taken to avoid flooded areas and be sure to watch for fallen trees and power lines.


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