“Price hike is unavoidable” Diesel rises up 2,5 cents per gallon

August 5, 20210

On August 2, the Energy Information Administration provided update data cost on a gallon of diesel fuel.

It is known that the upvaluation happened for the 13th time during the last 14 weeks and was interrupted only by a drop 0,2 cents on July 26.

This week was marked the largest price rise since boost 3,1 cents to $ 3 331 per gallon on July 5.

Prices on the main truck fuel rose in all 10 EIA studied regions, with the largest growth in California – 6,7 cents. The West Coast, except California, was the only region with the rise in value of more than 5 cents.

The average price for a gallon of gasoline also rose 2,3 cents to $ 3 159, that`s 98,3 cents per gallon more expensive than one year ago.


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