Parking manager heroically rescued truckers from winter storm

February 5, 20220

A truck stop in Illinois provided a safe place for many truckers this week.

Beth Jamison, general manager of a truck stop in Taskola, Illinois, says she did her best this week to room as many truckers as possible during a massive winter storm, as she knows how important truckers are to the country and how they depend on parkings for trucks.

«This is very important. Truckers supply all stores with the goods necessary for existence, and if they get stuck on the road, we won’t get anything on the shelves! I know how much they rely on us at truck stops. So if I can be useful to them, I’ll be there,» Jamison said.

Jamison says the parking lot was open 24/7 and more than 80 truckers were parked in the nearby mall’s parking lot, plus more than 25 she was able to cram into her own parking lot.

According to the manager, she usually only has space for 15 trucks.

Most of Illinois’ roads are still heavily iced and snowy as the forecast shows.

Officials are urging drivers to travel with great care.


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