Only truckers would pay highway user tax in Connecticut

June 10, 20210

Connecticut legislators have endorsed the highway toll bill, that concerns only truck drivers.

On Tuesday, the Connecticut House of Representatives backed a bill to allocate $ 90 million per year for road repairs by charging truck drivers a roadway user tax.

The bill was approved in the Senate on Wednesday morning by 22 to 14 votes. It would create a highway user fee for vehicles weighing over £ 26,001 based on the number of miles traveled within the state.

According to the bill, motor carriers would be responsible for calculating the number of miles travelled by each eligible truck in operation. Miles travelled would be multiplied by a tax rate based on the gross weight of the vehicle to calculate how much carriers owe.

Tax would range from 2.5 cents per mile for vehicles weighing between 26,000 and 28,000 pounds to 17.5 cents per mile for trucks over 80,000 pounds.

Drivers transporting dairy products would be exempted from toll charge.

The bill is expected to generate $ 90 million a year to infrastructure financing.

Legislators opposing the bill say that the fee could harm the state’s economy.

Truck-only highway tolls would take effect in January 2023.


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