Ohio gives $51 million on safety commercial vehicle drivers

May 9, 20220

ODOT is investing $51 million in new projects for improving safety on roads.

The aim of these projects is to solve the problem with the increased number of traffic accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles.

The number of fatal crashes involving pedestrians and run-offs hit the highest level in 2021 compared to the previous decade, according to the department.

“This is a significant issue and we certainly believe that distracted driving is contributing to this alarming increase in pedestrian crashes and drive-offs,” DeWine said.

The $51 million in funding will go to 44 road safety projects in 32 counties. Nearly $30 million, or 58 %, will be allocated to local governments in municipalities, towns and counties for projects under their jurisdiction. The rest of the funds will be directed to road and highway projects maintained by ODOT.

Funding for the projects will be provided under the ODOT Road Safety Improvement Program. The program invests $158 million annually in safety projects, education, and training to make Ohio’s transportation safer.

Construction timing different for each project; some projects may start even this year.

Of the total funds, ODOT is investing $25,6 million in roadway prevention projects such as widening the shoulders of the roadway, installing center and edge fenders, and modifying ditches and culverts.

Cases when drivers leaving their lane and striking another vehicle, colliding with an oncoming vehicle, or colliding with an object on the side of the road typically account for more than half of all road traffic deaths and almost half of all serious road traffic injuries in Ohio every year.

Because pedestrian crashes are more likely to occur on roads that lack special infrastructure such as sidewalks, walkways, and signposted crossings, ODOT is investing the remaining $25,5 million in pedestrian projects – sidewalks, high-visibility crosswalks, and road “diets” – that reduce the number and width of lanes to encourage drivers to slow down.

According to ODOT, 176 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents last year, accounting for 13 % of all traffic deaths in the state. And 530 people got serious injuries.


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