New Washington Bill Allows Truckers To Stay In Rest Areas

April 6, 20220

Washington’s authorities passed a bill that allows public recreation areas that were closed in the fall to reopen and provide more parking spaces and support for truckers.

The new Act was introduced by the Member of the House of Representatives Dan Griffey and was signed into law on March 31 by Governor Jay Inslee. The law will allow all drivers to use break areas from June 2022.

Bill HB 1655 claims WSDOT to «reconfigure its maintenance operations to ensure that its owned and operated safety rest areas are open for use except for seasonal closures or cleaning, maintenance and repairs.»

The arguments in favor of opening recreation areas are the fact that there is a shortage of parking for trucks throughout the country, as well as service hours requirements.

«This bill will help address this constant problem and save lives,» Griffey said. «Our truck drivers need all possible help. We need to make sure they can deliver important goods we need, but we need them to do it safely.»

As a reminder, in October 2021, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) closed several recreation areas located on I-5 between Everett and the Canadian border.

Officials said they were closing recreation areas due to problems with staff and vandalism.


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