New cameras installed in Kentucky to catch in-cab violations

September 17, 20220

Surveillance cameras have installed at the weigh station in Kentucky, capable of recognizing USDOT numbers and even inspecting driver’s cabin from the inside.

Perceptics technology company installed the new Driver Focus Cameras at the Laurel County weigh station on I-75 northbound to help the Kentucky State Patrol “capture near-real-time, high-definition images of drivers as they exited the highway.”

In the six months that the new cameras have been installed at the I-75 weigh station, it has recorded 137 violations related to the use of seat belts, mobile phone use, and violations related to the fact that drivers did not wear corrective lenses.

In addition, the new technology also allows officers to verify the driver’s identity to make sure he or she is not exceeding driving time limits. New technology also makes it easier to observe the driver cab.

“As the vehicle approaches the weigh station, Perceptics cameras capture images of the vehicle, the license plate, the USDOT and KYU numbers, and the inside of the cab. These images are fed to the Kentucky Automated Truck Screening (KATS) system where officers can quickly identify the vehicle and decide whether to send the vehicle for inspection.

 With the addition of the Driver Focus Camera, officers can now see the image of the driver in KATS along with all the vehicle’s information, providing important safety data that was not captured before. Officers can use the image to flag the driver for further inspection or as evidence of a violation during a regular inspection,” Perceptics explained.

KYTC plans to install new camera systems at 13 other weigh stations across the state.


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