New California rule requires truckers to have a logbook

November 30, 20230

The California Highway Patrol published a final rule on intrastate electronic logging devices (ELDs) that will go into effect on January 1, 2024.

Truck drivers operating within the state of California will be required to use electronic logging devices (ELDs) to maintain Driver Operating Status (RODS) records, with certain exceptions.

According to the CHP, drivers who meet any of the following conditions are not required to use an ELD:

  • Driver is operating a commercial motor vehicle in a manner requiring completion of RODS no more than eight (8) days within any 30-day period. 
  •  Driver is in driveaway-towaway operation (transporting empty vehicles for sale, lease, or repair), provided the vehicle driven is part of the shipment being delivered. 
  • The vehicle being driven was manufactured before model year 2000, as reflected in the vehicle identification number and as shown on the vehicle’s registration. 
  • The motor carrier, driver, or vehicle is subject to federal regulatory guidance, a waiver, or an exemption issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration pursuant Title 49, CFR, Part 395, which specifically exempts the use of an ELD.

Truck drivers and motor carriers exempt from the intrastate ELD rule are still required to maintain an RODS using a paper log, automatic on-board recorder, or electronic software.

The CHP noted that the exemption for drivers operating within a 100 air mile radius (domestic drivers) will remain unchanged.

In addition, interstate drivers can continue to use the exemption to operate within a 150-air mile radius for “short-haul transportation,” CHP said.


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