New bill may ban truck drivers from using phones

May 5, 20210

May 3, Ohio introduced a legislation that could ban truck drivers from using mobile phones and other electronic devices while driving.

New Federal Trucking Regulation Bans Handheld Mobile Devices for Truckers |  Cederberg Law

The legislation aims to fight against distracted driving. According to the bill, having a mobile phone in the driver’s hand behind the wheel becomes an offence.

Any use of the phone is prohibited, including the search for address on a mobile app. However, the bill provides for a quick response call to an emergency and “one-swipe”, that will allow you to drop an incoming call.

A similar concept of law was proposed a year ago by Ohio’s Republican Gov. Mike DeWine.  The bill was introduced by Rep. Cindy Abrams, a Republican from Harrison in southwestern Ohio, and Rep. Brian Lampton, a Republican from Beavercreek in suburban Dayton.

However, it is believed that the bill will restrict the drivers’ freedom and will be adopted in order to generate profit from the fines.


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