Navistar International Corporation reported cyberattack

June 8, 20210

The United States truck and military vehicle manufacturer Navistar International Corp said the company was targeted by a cyberattack.

In a statement by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission published on Monday, Navistar said there was a data breach from its IT system last month.

What kind of data was taken is not yet clear.

With the help of experts, Navistar started to investigate and address the scope of the cyberattack incident.

President Biden recently signed an executive order to strengthening the United States cybersecurity defenses. The order requires federal agencies to use multi-factor authentication, as well as new security standards for software makers that contract with the federal government.

The Navistar data breach is the latest business to be targeted by cyberattacks over the past month. Similar attacks have been carried out on meat producer JBS, the Massachusetts Shipping Authority and the Colonial Pipeline, a 5,500-mile system which transports roughly 45% of the East Coast’s fuel.


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