Named roads sections where trucks “can’t push through”

December 18, 20210

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) named 100 road sections with the most limited capacity for trucks in the United States.

The press release said ATRI analyzed a huge database of GPS trucks’ data “to assay the impact of jams on freight traffic.”

“The road sections with most limited capacity cost the freight industry more than $ 75 billion annually, that aids the recent spike in inflation and reduced supply chain efficiency,” said Bill Sullivan, executive vice president of advocacy for the Freight Forwarders Associations of America.

“The TRIP report is one of the clearest examples of the dire consequences of under investment in critical infrastructure in our country. The IIJA provided an excellent opportunity to address these deficiencies in recent years, and solving the problems associated with trucking should be the highest priority for federal and state departments of transportation,” added Sullivan.


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