More Than 100 Truckers Are Stuck At Gas Station Over Flooding

November 17, 20210

Truck drivers who are stuck in a parking area in Merritt, British Columbia say they stopped because of road closures.

On November 15, residents of Merritt were ordered to evacuate due to severe flooding that overtook three bridges and even stopped the sewage treatment plants.

Now truckers are stuck and waiting for the highway opening or their companies’ permission to leave their trailers there and go home.

“I was going to pick up the cargo on the coast, but couldn`t due to the flooding in Coquihalla, and I was stuck here because there is no highway to get home,” said trucker David Rush.

“Our companies need to let us leave,” said Will Blokpoel, another driver who was stuck waiting.

“I’ve been driving trucks for 30 years and have never seen anything like this.”

 “They hope that, for example, Highway 3 will open, but I don’t see any movement.”

 In the meantime, food and sanitation problems have already begun at the gas station.

As for today, several highways, including Highway 1, are still closed due to flooding.

The Coquihalla Highway, one of British Columbia’s major highways, was split in half by flooding. Officials say that the repairs will take several months.


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