Major fire in Love’s parking in Indiana: current situation

February 11, 20220

On Thursday, a fire started in one of the Love’s Travel centers. The fire was reported in the morning February 10th in Gary, Indiana.

According to official records, the fire started near the Love’s gas station around 10:40.

The spokesman said there was an increased risk due to fuel tanks on site. Witness Louis Brown saw employees immediately running out of the building and turning off the gas pumps.

“Everyone was evacuated from there,” he said. “I saw people still trying to fill up with gas for some reason.”

The Gary Fire Department is still on site, fighting the fire and helping regulate traffic.

Passengers are being asked to detour from Grant Street between the expressway and 35th Avenue to keep firefighters and ambulances on the move.

Love’s stated that the store is closed for an unknown amount of time. According to company representatives, all employees and customers managed to leave the building.

The causes of the fire are still being investigated.


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