KeepTruckin created unique technology to save fuel costs

June 21, 20210

KeepTruckin launched technology that can analyze driver and vehicle efficiency.

Thanks to high-frequency telematics data and artificial intelligence, the program can determine actionable measures to reduce fuel costs.

Company officials said that Fuel Hub uses its own AI models for viewing real-time data. Also, the program can determine the behavior of drivers and vehicle problems that affect fuel consumption.

In the fuel command-center, users can identify trends and variances, and compare their performance against a network of more than 400,000 North American vehicles to determine driver or vehicle fuel efficiency.

Fleets can then automate training to modify driver fuel-wasting behaviors or create powerful incentive programs to retain top talents.

According to the company’s specialists, this technology will save vehicle fleets up to 10% in fuel costs.


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