In Texas jeep owners save the truckers due to the heavy snow

February 20, 20210

A group of friends from Texas help truckers and everyone who gets stuck on the road due to the heavy snow.

Road conditions in the state worsen day by day with new round of snow. Many people, including truck drivers, got stuck in the middle of the slippery road, unable to get to the stop.

Texas resident Nars Buenaventura built a team of jeep owners and started saving everyone who needs help. Last Wednesday drivers helped trucker Samuel Gilmour.

“Oh, it is a blessing. I was glad to see them because sitting on top of this road and not being able to get out of it that’s a problem,” Gilmore said KLTV News.

The drivers do not charge anything for their help. “We just do it because we can, because we have the vehicles to do it.”


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