I-80 in Wyoming will be a toll road, the Senate approved the bill

March 22, 20210

On Friday, the Wyoming Senate approved a bill that could make Interstate 80 a toll road.

16 out of 29 senators voted for the bill and then it moved on to the Wyoming House of Representatives.

The idea of ​​making I-80 a toll road was already discussed in Wyoming earlier. Proponents of this idea have argued for 10 years that it is necessary to “finance, construct, operate and maintain interstate 80”.

The amount of tolls was not specified in the bill. It states that the Wyoming Transportation Commission would have the ability to “impose tolls and exercise other powers regarding interstate 80 that are necessary, equitable and appropriate.”

The bill also states that “the tolled configuration will allow interstate 80 to be maintained and to be operated in a way that will reduce traffic congestion, delays, hazards, injuries and fatalities.'”


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