“Horrible scene” Several cars rolled off the bank due to the trucker`s incaution

October 12, 20210

Trucker was summoned to court for reckless driving that caused falling of several cars to the bank.

The crash occurred over the weekend on the west side of Floyd Hill on I-70 west of Denver, Colorado.

22-year-old truck driver Abdullatif Akilo was driving a truck on the west side of Floyd Hill. Suddenly he lost control and crashed into a fence. The hitting force caused that the truck was folded in half and unhooked from the trailer. Then the trailer flew over a small railing and crashed onto a mound, causing the cars to fly off the trailer and practically end up in Clear Creek.


Akilo received minor injuries, there is no information about other victims. The evacuation of vehicles was widespread. Witnesses describe this scene as “terrifying”.

“As a result of the bump, the truck jumped, crashed into the fence, after that the trailer was unhooked from the truck. I saw the trailer flying over the rail and the chassis of the truck,” wrote one of the witnesses.


The preliminary date for Akilo’s trial is set for late November or early December.

He was allowed to pay fines and comply with the law remotely, but he has to appear in court in person if he wishes to challenge the charges.


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