Hall of Fame to honor trucking leaders opens in Missouri

April 24, 20210

The American Truck Historical Society (ATHS) opens the American Trucking and Industry Leader (ATIL) Hall of Fame dedicated to its 50th anniversary.

The Hall of Fame will be the location for industry achievement awards and a place to recognize industry leaders and significant figures. It is located in the ATHS office in Kansas City, Missouri.

The ATIL Hall of Fame will allow the members of the trucking industry, their families and the public to congratulate the award winners and active members.

ATHS participants who have achieved 50 years of driving will be awarded the Golden Achievement Awards. They plan to award drivers every year, but criteria will vary from company to company.

“Independent companies can set their criteria that they’re looking to do,” said chairman of ATHS Tom Mullen. “By being a member of the hall of fame, it allows them to focus on whatever facet of their program.”

The ATIL Hall of Fame will be expanded with new programs from the trucking industry.

ATIL Hall of Fame executive director Laurence Gration noted that the ATIL Hall of Fame would help trucking professionals not to be forgotten by expanding the awareness of their excellent work.

The ATHS Hall of Fame launch date is slated for October 15-16.


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