FMCSA suggests an alternative Vision Standard for truckers

February 14, 20210

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposes an alternative Vision Standard for truckers with a blurred vision in one eye.

Amendments are based on recommendations of the Medical Review Board.

According to the offered amendments truckers who match the visual acuity standard or the field of vision in one eye, could be allowed to drive commercial vehicles.

In a new rule an exclusive requirement is 3 years of driving experience with a defective vision. Instead of this passing of the test is suggested.

To get a qualification driver must have the vision of the other eye minimum 20/40 with corrective lenses or without them. And the field of vision of at least 70 degrees in the horizontal meridian.

Driver must be able to recognize red, green and orange colors and have a stable vision. Also required an annual ophthalmologist`s examination, that gives an appropriate medical report.

If driver with a vision disorder has three-year of driving experience on commercial vehicles or a federal vision exemption, he is exempted from the road test.

As such driver has already proved his ability to drive a vehicle successfully and safely.


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