FMCSA reports online trucker scam scheme

April 15, 20220

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published an email scam warning targeting truckers.

In the press release the agency says: «The FMCSA has been notified of a phishing scam you can receive from the FMCSA ‘Assistant Administrator’, claiming that you need to «fill in your most recent up-to-date membership license certificate».

«If you have received any suspicious email from or any other person that you do not expect or look suspicious, please delete the email from your inbox. After the email has been deleted, go to the deleted mail and delete it from the deleted mailbox. In this way you will limit the exposure of the phishing email.»

Officials warn that the only legal way to enter the tuition provider registry is through

Never enter your email address and password into a third-party website that claims to give you access to a learning provider registry.

The FMCSA also encourages users to check a website’s URL for “https://”, which means the website is secure, and .gov or .mil, which means the website is a legitimate government site.


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