Finally no traffic jams? Changes on the World Trade Bridge

May 26, 20210

At the border terminal in Laredo, Texas, are planned innovations to speed up checking of trucks.

Last week, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and General Services Administration (GSA) announced the introduction of FAST lanes on the World Trade Bridge (prior registration is required).

CBP believes the lanes are necessary because of the high stream of trucks on the bridge, which is known to cause “serious traffic jams that stretch all the way to Mexico.”

As a result, this program will allow pre-approved low-risk commercial carriers to reduce waiting time at the customs.

The construction of four FAST lanes will take 15-18 months. The City of Laredo has already equipped the lanes with the necessary infrastructure and technology.

“This innovation allows us to remain the best land port in the country, which we are very proud of,” said Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz. The FAST Lanes Construction Partnership is part of the CBP Donation Program. It allows CBP and GSA collectively accept donations like the real estate, personal property, money and services from private and public organizations.


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