Fares in West Virginia Turnpike increase from 1st January

November 23, 20210

From 2022, the cost of fare in the West Virginia highway will increase by 5% for commercial vehicles.

The price hike was approved by the West Virginia Parks Authority in 2018. The chief executive of the Parkways Authority Jeff Miller said the law allowed gradually increase the toll rates.

“By raising rates every three years, we can, in fact, avoid a price spike in 10, 12, 15 years,” Miller explained.

Lawmakers believe the new toll hike is a modest attempt to offset the cost of maintaining and building the road, considering inflation.

Miller clarified that drivers better use the Parkways Authority’s rebate program, which provides unlimited highway rides for $ 25 a year. Indeed, from January 1, the cost will be already $ 26,25 per year.

Three years ago, many residents of the state signed up for the one-time West Virginia E-ZPass Early Admission Program. Approximately 180000 car drivers took advantage of the $ 24 rate, which covers tolls over three years. The program will expire on January 1st. Miller said registered users will be upgraded to the regular WV E-ZPass with an annual fee of  $26,25.

Most accounts will update automatically, Miller said. He believes the new $ 26,25 annual rate is still the best road toll deal in the country.

At the new rates, the fare for most trucks with trailers will be $ 14,25. Truck drivers can also get a discount through E-ZPass.


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