ELDT Mandate 2022: What does it mean for truck drivers?

December 29, 20210

Today everyone in the trucking industry is concerned about what kind of changes are coming on February 7, 2022 and what exactly is ELDT.

As of today, there is no standardized training that a new driver has to undergo to get the CDL. Today, you can get your CDL training at a school or in a training center, in the transportation company or even by yourself. Every training center has their own training program.  Ones you pass the exam – you get your CDL.

Starting February 7, 2022 it will change. FMCSA is introducing new mandatory requirements for entry level drivers. It is called Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT), which will be mandatory for every one who wants to:

– Get their CDL Class A or B for the first time

– Upgrade their CDL from Class B to Class A

– Gets endorsements to their CDL, like Hazmat, school bus or passenger transport.

What is ELDT?

ELDT is a set of minimum standards for commercial driver education. ELDT training will consist of theoretical training and skills training. Students learn about 30 subjects in the academic part of study and must score a minimum of 80 percent on a statistical score to meets the minimum program requirements.

After completing ELDT, the Entry Level Driver Training, a student will get a certificate that will go into FMCSA record, which means if a student didn’t complete the ELDT – they will not be eligible to be tested and get a CDL

New requirements are meant for new CDL drivers and do not apply to those who got their CDL or S, P, H endorsements before February 7, 2022. So, if you get your CDL before February 7, 2022 and will not upgrade or add any endorsements, you do not need to complete the ELDT.

Also, if you get your CLP (the Permit) before February 7, 2022 you will have 6 months to get your CDL without completing ELDT.

Those who are required to complete the ELDT, have to do it at an FMCSA accredited school or training center.

Why do people choose Start CDL Training?

Start CDL Training is an FMCSA accredited training center, it has brilliant reputation and will be able to provide ELDT to their students.

If you want to get your CDL without having to complete the new ELDT – hurry up, get your CLP and get trained before February 7.

If you have any questions:

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