Drivewyze new weighing method will make truckers happy

July 2, 20210

Drivewyze introduced a new product for bypassing of weighing stations.

E-Inspection is the ability of transmission of data inspection from your ELDs in digital form directly to a law enforcement officer at a weighing station.

Previously, drivers who were entering a weighing station and passing Level III check-up had to manually transfer data to an inspector. Moreover, drivers with high safety scores weren`t given an opportunity to record scores and improve their CSA score in the process.

According to Drivewyze CEO Brian Heath, “The current slow process of running Level III check-ups means that only a part of  trucks that enter the weighing station are checked. Most of them don`t pass the check, as the officer needs more time to collect information. “

With the help of E-Inspection, data can be drown upon the ELD on the Drivewyze server, and handed to the inspector “it takes a few minutes compared to the traditional 30-60 minute process at weighing stations,” Heath said. “This is a critical step in modernizing check-ups.”

Johnson hopes that all of the company’s partners will gradually join the program. And for current customers, Drivewyze PreClear is now completely free of charge.


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