Drivers file lawsuit against companies involved in Fort Worth сrash

February 26, 20210

On Monday, three people from Taxes filed a lawsuit against several trucking companies involved in the fatal pile up crash on February 11 in Fort Worth.

The accident involved more than 130 vehicles and killed 6 people. Many people were seriously injured, including the drivers who filed the lawsuit.

Five trucking companies are accused of improper training of drivers, as well as negligent hiring and monitoring. Lawsuit filed against Fed Ex, GGs Produce Transport, JB Hunt, Rich Logistics and GO2 Logistics. The lawsuit also includes anonymous company drivers as defendants in the suit.

The victims demand $ 1 million in damages from the companies.

“By filing a civil lawsuit, victims have the opportunity to conduct their own investigations, obtain answers as to why this preventable incident occurred, and seek justice,” said Adam Lewis, attorney at Arnold & Itkin law firm.

The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating the accident. Particular attention is paid to check the quality of cleaning the state’s roads from snow and ice.


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