Driver stopped his truck underbridge and saved man’s life

June 12, 20210

Presently the heroism of a trucker, who parked his truck under a highway bridge to save a man is actively discussed on the web.

A truck driver was driving along the route M62 when he noticed a man sitting on the bridge railing. It was obvious that the man wanted to commit suicide.

Trucker drove closer and stopped his truck right under the freeway, showing that he wasn`t indifferent to the fate of this man.

A bystander took a picture of this moment and shared the photo on social media, drawing attention to both: the heroic actions of the driver and the need to amend psychological aid for people.

On the network, hundreds of people from different countries expressed support for the driver:

“Good job, driver! This act returns faith in people. Mental health problems are terrible, and we need a lot of support to keep out getting to this stage. “

“What a trucker! He stopped his truck on the roadside to make sure when the guy jumps the distance to the ground won`t be big.”

“What a wonderful guy, this trucker! Hope the help to support this person was found. It’s not a good idea to take your own life like this. “


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