Dangerous highway in Wyoming to be closed for the winter

November 13, 20210

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) analyzed road conditions and shut down one unsafe area until spring.

Highway 130, known among truckers as the Snowy Range Scenic Byway, is closed for the winter from Green Rock Trail in the east to Ryan Park in the west. Some parts of the roadway reach a height of 10800 feet.

WYDOT closes the road every year because “a large amount of thick snow makes the road useless and dangerous.”

According to WYDOT, Highway 130 first closed on November 10 due to winter conditions last year, but then officially closed on November 14 for the season.

Before Highway 130 was closed on October 29, 2019, November 3, 2018, November 20, 2017, November 28, 2016, and November 11, 2015.

WYDOT says the road will be closed until the accumulated snow disappears naturally.


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