CVSA showed results of five-day check of hazardous cargo

October 14, 20220

The unscheduled CVSA audit inspected 6000 vehicles carrying hazardous materials and goods. The five-day test of the HM/DG Road Blitz started June 13 and finished June 17, 2022 in the US.

During these 5 days, inspectors checked 6204 commercial vehicles, and a total of 6668 containers of hazardous materials and cargo.

A total of 1774 violations were identified during the HM/DG Road Blitz:

• 408 violations related to shipping documents

• 269 violations related to the packaging of oversized cargo / small means of restraint

• 272 violations of placing plates for bulk container/large means of deterrence

• 76 oversized/small containment violations

• 159 bulk container/large containment plate violations

• 79 other labeling-related security breaches

• 168 violations related to loading and securing

• 43 hazardous materials/dangerous goods packaging breaches (leakage)

The CVSA says this unscheduled inspection helps raise awareness of the rules for transporting hazardous materials and cargo to ensure drivers and public safety.


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