CVSA releases annual truck inspection dates in 2023

January 17, 20230

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has released dates for its annual inspections of commercial vehicles.

International Roadcheck: May 16-18

This is an annual three-day event during which inspectors check drivers for compliance with traffic rules and conduct educational initiatives aimed at the safety of freight carriers.

Last year, 59,026 inspections were carried out during Roadcheck 2022, resulting in 3,714 drivers (6.2%) being suspended from work.

Operation Safe Driver Week: July 9-15

It is an outreach initiative aimed at responsible driving of cars and commercial vehicles. Law enforcement officers will be on the roads throughout the week, issuing warnings to drivers for unsafe driving behavior.

Another goal of CVSA is to improve regulatory compliance for commercial vehicles.

Brake Safety Week: August 20-26

During the brake safety campaign, inspectors conduct inspections of brake systems. There are two blitzes each year: Brake Safety Week and a one-day initiative that can happen at any time.

During the 2022 Brake Safety Week, 38,117 inspections were carried out. Of the total commercial vehicles inspected, 13.3% were retired.

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