CVSA fights truckers fatigue in a new way

January 2, 20220

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance went in with the North American Fatigue Management Program (NAFMP). The goal of the partnership is reducing the risk of accidents where drivers fall asleep.

The program wants to prevent driver fatigue by:

  • Giving free online training and educational programs on fatigue prevention for commercial vehicle drivers, executives and managers of trucking companies, shippers and recipients, dispatchers, driver managers, driver spouses and families, safety managers and trainers, etc.;
  • Promoting a safety culture for road carriers and preventing situations that can lead to fatigue of truckers;
  • Identifying sleep disorders and treatment options;
  • Use of technologies to prevent driver fatigue.

CVSA also plans to modify the program by:

  • Conducting live and recorded Q&A sessions;
  • A moderated forum where users can ask questions and leave feedbacks;
  • Conducting information sessions at CVSA events and conferences;
  • Organising program related meetings and steering committee meetings to discuss program improvements;
  • Hosting webinars on various topics related to fatigue prevention.

“Our aim at CVSA is preventing such accidents with commercial vehicles,” said CVSA President Captain John Broers of the South Dakota Highway Patrol. “Offering the North American Workplace Fatigue Prevention Program as one of the Alliance’s Driver Education Programs helps us to do our part in tackling driver fatigue accidents.”

Carriers, owner-operators and truck drivers can download a step-by-step implementation guide and register on the e-learning platform for courses.

“This program can reduce fatigue risks, increase driver awareness, improve driver health and wellness, increase productivity, and reduce road accidents and fatalities,” Broers said.


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