Colorado unveils new emergency ramp for trucks

December 8, 20210

Colorado Transportation staff unveiled a renovated emergency ramp on Monday.

The improved truck ramp is located west of I-70 at mile 182 at the bottom of the Veil Pass.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis joined Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Colorado Trucking Association officials to officially open the ramp on Monday afternoon with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The ramp is expected to be safer after the improvements, as it gives truck drivers a straighter path from the highway, which reduces the likelihood of trucks` rollovers. There`s also a reservoir below it so that if any hazardous liquid spill, it can be contained in place and cleaned up without affecting Gore Creek.

CDOT is confident that the ski jump exit will make the Veil Pass safer for everyone and help minimize accidents on I-70.

“This improvement represents a new chapter for Colorado residents and also for enterprises. The safety improvements which this project will bring and improved access for emergency vehicles will reduce closures at Vail Pass, saving Colorado time and money,” Governor Polis said.

CDOT says the truck ramp is the first of several safety improvements that was made as part of the $ 164,2 million I-70 West Vail Pass auxiliary lanes project.


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