Colorado postpones clean truck policy till 2026

February 18, 20220

Was reported that Colorado announced it`ll delay its pollution-free truck policy till 2026.

It has to do with the fact that there`s a need to draw attention on more timely supply chain issues. During online talks, Governor Polis and his administration said they were postponing the plan development process till 2026.

Will Toоr, director of the Colorado Energy Authority, said the delay will help keep the new green truck policy in sync with electric vehicle promotion efforts such as government programs, as well as improved infrastructure for car chargers.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment executive indicated that the delay could help entice the trucking industry into change. They also indicate that the industry will be more receptive to these changes once the global supply chain stabilizes.

“The coming months are an important time to stabilize global supply chain problems as major national efforts are being made in areas such as producing enough microchips to build the environmentally friendly cars which our country needs,” Tour said.

The Colorado Air Quality Commission had to consider several green truck regulations during the next months. These new rules would force manufacturers to increase sales of electric trucks and zero-emission buses.


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