Cargo theft could increase during Independence Day weekend

July 2, 20220

During the Independence Day weekend period, robbers traditionally aim at cargo like household goods and food.

CargoNet analyzed cargo theft claims from July 1 to July 7 of the past five years and found that the theft rate was lowest during the 2019 holidays. The highest level was recorded in 2020 and 2021.

This is likely due to the reduced number of people on the streets and open areas due to Covid-19 restrictions, where thieves could be easily spotted and turned in to police.

The study showed that they were targeting vehicles and cargo that were parked in large retail and truck stops.

Such aspects as high fuel costs, traffic jam problems at New Jersey/New York ports, and rapidly changing inventory conditions may also made stealing cargo from a trailer more desirable.

The most frequent cargo thefts are in Texas, California, Florida and Tennessee, as well as in big cities in states such as Los Angeles, Dallas and Memphis.

To reduce the risk of theft, carriers are advised to invest in secure locks, tracking devices and secure parking whenever possible.


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