Car Smashed By Truck in Washington, Police In Shock

November 18, 20210

This week in Washington State happened a hideous accident involving a truck and a car.

The crash occurred on Tuesday, November 16, on I-5 North at the Skagit Bridge in Mount Vernon, Washington. According to state police, “the car was hit from behind, it folded in half and then the truck hit the car.”

The police said they had never seen anything like this in all the time: “There are really no words to describe this crash … In my 14-year career, I`ve never seen anything like this,” said one of the police officers.

The police didn`t provide further information on the cause of the accident. As we know, the car driver survived without injuries.

Both directions of I-5 were closed as a tow truck worked to move the wagon off the vehicle.

According to some reports, the accident was due to flooding and severe weather conditions that led to closed roads and made driving dangerous in many parts of Washington.


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