Blizzard shuts down Interstate 95 again: be careful

January 6, 20220

Truckers should again be ready for challenging driving conditions on interstate 95 during the next 2 days.

The website AccuWeather prognoses heavy snow in northeast Virginia. This will result in adverse conditions for truck traffic on Interstate 95 from northern Virginia to Maine, including major urban areas in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. From Philadelphia to Boston, up to 6 inches of snow and slippery roads are expected.

Heavy snowfall is also possible in the West Virginia mountains and in areas from northwestern Virginia to southwestern Pennsylvania. According to AccuWeather a 3 and 12 inches snowfall can disrupt traffic on Interstate 64, 68, 70, 76, 79 and 81.

Elsewhere in the Midwest, there are warnings for ice and high winds. Some parts of Interstate 80 in Wyoming are shut down due to a blizzard.

The National Weather Service prognoses another winter storm may start this Thursday, sweeping from the Tennessee Valley to the northeast. It’s expected in the south to experience snowfall in parts of the Central Appalachians, and icy roads in most of Tennessee and northern Alabama.

Bad weather will intensify along the Atlantic coast to the northeast.

Heavy snowfalls are predicted again for the Pacific Northwest and northern California. On Thursday, the Northern Plains can experience strong winds and severe frosts.

Take care of yourself, dear truckers!


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