Arizona allocates a temporary lane for heavy trucks movement

June 8, 20220

To improve safety on I-10, the Arizona Department of Transportation has designated the right lane for trucks.

This is a temporary measure that will remain in place until the 20-mile stretch of road is widened to the desired size.

According to the administration, there are safety problems on this section due to heavy traffic flow and heavy trucks. Restricting traffic in the right lane will reduce the number of accidents and congestion associated with incidents on this stretch of road.

The first phase of construction is expected to start in 2023 and be completed in 2026.

A 20-mile lane restriction is in place on the last two-lane stretch of I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson, which has yet to be widened to three lanes in each direction.

ADOT says that signs and lane restrictions are in place now, so they will “closely monitor” the traffic.


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