Approaching snowstorm causes lots of troubles for truckers – Forecast

November 11, 20210

In some states in America a massive winter storm is expected, the first one this season.

AccuWeather predicts a severe snowstorm that could cause problems for truckers. Strong winds, thunderstorms and even snowfalls are expected starting from the middle of the week.

The cyclone causing the storm moves inland from the Pacific Ocean, entailing heavy rain in California, Washington and Oregon, as well as localized snow. As the storm moves eastward, it’ll face lower temperatures and bring snow to areas along its northern edge.

Rains and thunderstorms are expected on its southern outskirts. Strong winds are expected in the Dakota.

AccuWeather says: “Areas with heavy snowfalls combined with strong winds, may experience conditions similar to snowstorm for some time.

Those who are planning trips during this time on routes I-90, I-94, I-29 or I-35 – follow the forecast carefully and be prepared for unsafe conditions and serious technical disruptions.”

The storm is forecast for the Midwest and Great Lakes on Friday and Saturday. Temperature is expected to drop during the storm.

Right on cue, a developing winter storm will blast the Midwest with first  snow of the season | NewsChannel 3-12

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