68% of truckers don’t know the traffic inhibit law: And do you?

October 1, 20210

A study by the American Automobile Association shows that more than half of autoists are unaware that there are “slow down and move over” laws.

According to same AAA study, some drivers are aware of these laws but don`t follow them. In light of these statistics, officials are urging everyone who drives a vehicle to stay alert and abide these rules for everyone’s safety.

“You can literally save someone’s life,” said Marie Dodds, director of government and public affairs for AAA in Oregon and Idaho. “Right now, we have a family in Calama, Washington that lost their breadwinner-driver just a week ago. If people obeyed the “slow down and move” law, he would have survived. This man was killed by a speeding truck.”

Since July, three AAA tow truck drivers have been killed on the side of the road.

AAA recommends drivers to slow down at least five miles below the specified speed limit when it is necessary.


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